Our Capabilities

At Wifiltronics, we are proud to have the capabilities required to manufacture world class products that meet the highest standards of quality. From manpower to machines everything is quality controlled and follow the systems put in place to ensure that only quality products leave the factory premises.

  • We have trained manpower to do precision work involving mechanical, chemical and electronic processes.
  • We build connectivity by crimping, soldering, riveting, glueing and moulding.
  • We design and fabricate tools, jigs, and fixtures for production to ensure consistent quality and repeatability.
  • We have in-house capability to do mould design and insert moulding.
  • We use certified raw materials meeting highest quality standards.
  • All products go through systematic stage wise quality controls till the final stage approval.
  • Adequate care is ensured for packing the products.

Wifiltronics is privileged to have the following world-renowned urologists as its consultants. Their immense knowledge and experience helps the company in coming up with new products and improving upon the existing ones. Moreover, their feedback on our products is the most valuable because it is accompanied by suggestions that can only take our products to a higher level of precision and efficiency.