1992: Incorporated 

1993: Started assembling read, write and erase head of floppy disk drive for L&T

1994: Developed technology to manufacture TURP Loops and made a foray into the Indian market at a small level.
Also started electron gun assembly for CRT

1995: Started selling in volumes to the Indian market

1996: Started work on IR lamps for BEL

1998: Exported sample quantity of loops to the UK

1999: Exported large volumes to the UK market

2000: Started assembly of ultrasound transducers for L&T

2004: Mr. Jagan Gupta took over the company reins and exports increased by 78%

2008: Explored new markets like Australia, Egypt, Germany, etc and the exports for TURP loops increased by 67%.
         Cautery Burners developed and sold to the UK market

2009: Exports increased by 68%. Lap loop developed and sold to Germany.

2010: Started development for Bi-polar loop electrodes for TURP loop electrodes.

2011: Started commercial production of Bi-polar loop electrodes.

2011: Certified to ISO 13485:2003 w.e.f. 18th  Jan 2011  &  ISO 9001:2008 w.e.f. 26th March 2011 from QS Zurich AG

With the above background and work culture, Wifiltronics looks forward to more challenges from customers for miniature, precision-driven, innovative and economical (engineering) Medical Products and Components.

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