About Us

The world is rapidly advancing in the field of micro-assemblies for miniature parts. Wifiltronics identified this need and started its operations in 1993 with the manufacture of Gimbal Assemblies which are the hearts for the Floppy Disk Heads.

Wifiltronics started making "Turp Loops" from the year 1994, thus starting the era of entry as a manufacturer of Medical Devices. With satisfied customers from UK & Europe, it has been a successful journey into many other variants and new medical devices. We are now becoming a major supplier for OEM manufacturers for Medical Devices and extending our markets to other countries like Australia, Brazil, UAE, Turkey, France, Germany, etc.

Wifiltronics endeavors to go deep into the materials, processes, jigs, fixtures and operator training to produce assemblies which will perform more than satisfactorily in the final applications. Besides all the technical aspects, care is given to both aesthetics and packing. Wifiltronics Engineers continue to be innovative and modify designs and processes so that we provide better products at reasonable prices.